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This is a community for the webcomic Inhuman. Updates will be mirrored here, and tidbits such as updates to Ask Kyo or otherwise special nonsense will be also posted.

Fans are welcome to post whatever they like (art, fanfics, icons, etc) just keep it civil between yourselves. Posts are screened and must be approved by a mod first, but chances are unless you wrote some sordid overly racey fanfic it'll be approved.

About the comic//
Inhuman is a science fiction comic about several aliens (and several humans) who have stumbled into a sort of conspiricy in the midst of a political-religious war. It deals primarily with character development and examinations of what it means to really be 'human' in a world where the definition is quite loose. It is reccomended for 16 years of age and up for mature themes.

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